New to the Club or returning member, beginner or intermediate player?    Come out and enjoy friendly competition!

Based on feedback from members, our House League program has been re-vamped for this year. The goal is to minimize mixed skill levels and allow players of all levels to get more out of their game. House League will now be sorted according to the player’s skill level with 16 active players per time slot on the courts. Typically, starting in May, Groups 1 & 3 play 7-9pm on Tuesdays and Group 2 plays 7-9pm on Wednesdays. If sign-up numbers increase beyond the capacity of our 4 courts, we will consider adding an additional evening.

There will be 4 groups to sign up for. We will be using Ontario Tennis Association defined rankings and asking players to self identify their level of play. Instructors will also be available to provide an assessment of your play.

Group 1:  Competitive. This would be for the most advanced players. For those familiar with Interclub levels, this would be Interclub B level and above.

Group 2:   Competitive. This would be for the intermediate level of players that are solid, consistent and relatively advanced.

Group 3:   Social. Out for some fun on the courts with a little bit of competition mixed in.

Group 4:   Beginners.  Depending on registration numbers in this category, these players can choose to play doubles or choose to play with an OTC coach on hand to provide instruction and guided play, for a small fee of approximately $5.00 per player each week.

For Groups 1 and 2, players can choose to enroll as a regular or as a sub. All players in these two groups, both regulars and subs will have their contact info made available to the rest of the group.  It is important to note that if the player can’t make it that week it would be their responsibility to find a substitute to cover that spot. That way, there will always be a multiple of 4 players on the courts.
Scores and standings will be kept for Group 1 and 2. If a player feels like they should be moved to a higher group during the season every effort will be made to accommodate any changes.

The cost per player for all house league is a $10 ball fee. It is conceivable that spots may be limited, so if you’d like to join reserve your spot now and please let us know ASAP by email prior to registration of your intention.

Feel free to request a place in any group but bear in mind that the final decision for the competitive groups play may be subject to an assessment by an instructor.  Free assessments will be available to all members on our April 28th Registration Day (weather permitting). 

Learn more about this season’s House League and sign up at the Open House on April 28th from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

For more information contact 

House League